Saturday, November 11, 2017

Warm Up With A Cup of Adagio Tea

 Growing up my mom always had a cup of tea in her hand in the morning. I distinctively remember Christmas mornings having to wait to open presents until she had her cup of tea in hand. It seemed like it took forever to hear the whistle of the kettle signaling the water was hot and ready. For me a cup of tea is magical. It brings me back to the sweet memories of my mom. I still honor her tradition on Christmas morning and have to have a cup of tea in hand before my children get to dive in to present time.

My mom always had a traditional cup of tea, nothing fancy. That's how things were in the 80s and 90s. However tea has come a long way. It is much easier to get fancy blends and unique gourmet teas. Brewing loose tea is an easy practice. I'd like to think my mom would have gotten into the newer styles - like I have. I love having a cup of loose tea brewing and watching the water change colors as it releases it's flavor. Part of the experience for me is smelling the warm exotic flavors and feeling the warmth on my cold hands.

Adagio Tea has become a fast favorite brand for me. They have so many unique blends, it is so much fun trying them all. For this review I received a bunch of loose tea blends and a few bagged as well. I also have their Glass Mug with Infuser. This is the perfect 'tool' for me to use with loose tea because it takes up very little space and is very easy to use.

 The loose tea comes typically comes in threes sizes: Sample, 3 oz, and 16 oz. (You can also order tea bags or sampler sets.) Typically you use just a teaspoon for each cup and a sample size will make about 10 cups - it is a great way to try a variety of flavors. Each of the loose teas came in a bag that is resealable.

 The bag is very convenient to dip your teaspoon in and sealed nicely. By the way honeybush pumpkin chai is AMAZING!!  Another fun thing they offer is fandom blends. I knew my kids would get a kick out of this Star Wars blend - Jakku. There were blends from television shows, movies, books, holidays and more. The tin is adorable as can be.

 I had to get a box of bagged tea too, just to try. Inside the box were individual bags which held two teabags. This is a great way to travel with tea. English breakfast is one of my favorite blends and this did not disappoint.

 I couldn't just spoil myself. I had to pick up a few gifts for my step-mom and best friend who both love drinking hot tea. I think this was the hardest part to choose. I ended up choosing the stocking stuffers for one. This was truly adorable. 6 mini tins with teabags in each. While I"m giving the whole set away as one gift this could easily be a great teachers gift and separated to 6 individual gifts. I choose the herbal garden set for my step-mom which included 4 sample sizes of loose tea.

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