Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My first freezer paper tees

The newest or rather hottest thing over at the cricut boards is making Freezer paper ts.

There is an excellent video on youtube on how to make these but the directions are fairly simple.

1. you need tshirt, fabric paints, freezer paper, cricut and very sticky cutting mat.

2. cut freezer paper to fit on cutting mat, and place matte side down.

3. Push ''Flip'' button on cricut... pick image and cut. ((If doing words you have to spell the words backwards (think mirror image) because when you flip it over it won't spell correctly with the flip))

4. Put shiny side down on shirt and iron. Wait for it to dry and fill in stencil with paint.


Now the project. My kids are currently 7 and 8... and they made up a 'superhero' club type thing complete with theme song... LOL!! Called ''Doggie Twins'' so they asked me to make them tshirts for that:


One final tip: Keep the paint you are working with close by to avoid drips. My first shirt I didn't keep my palatte close enough and dripped red paint. Also those paints in the squeezy things tend to seperate and they don't paint well if you don't shake really well.

Carts used: PDDU for ship and car, Cuttin Up for words

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