Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homemade laundry soap

I tried this in June. I made my own laundry soap based on the recipe in The Duggars Book. I liked enough to have another go at it!! So here are the results:

Here is their website with the recipe

I found I like the clean smell quite a bit! I used to use Tide and it cleans just as well. The only thing you have to get used to is that it doesn't suds up as much.

The initial investment is larger because you need a 5 gallon bucket ($6 at Walmart!) a bar of fels naptha soap (99cents), Arm & hammer Washing soda (around $4) and Borax ($8).... However the Washing soda & borax will make tons of buckets of this stuff!! Probably you would need to buy it once a year!!

There are online sales of these products but after I purchase online I found them in my local grocery store!!! So be sure to look there first!!

Ok for the pics!


What the gel looks like (the rest is in my containers!)

All my filled bottles!

8/13/2011 ~ edited to add: I've been doing this laundry soap for some time now. I still 100% love it. I have a few additional tips though.

1. Save up your old laundry containers so you have a few vessels to put it in.
2. I've heard from some other people if you ask at the bakery (walmart/shoprite) they have large 5 gallon buckets that they throw away. You can try to see if they will hold one for you. That would make your initial investment even better!
3. I've found the ingredients at Perks in Pine Hill, Shoprite and Walmart in Magnolia. (NJ stores) so you don't have to go looking around like it did!

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