Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Everyday Paper Dolls ~ Nurse & Doctor

Here are two dolls I made for a swap. The person requested a Nurse and Doctor, girls with brown hair... Well the doctor in the book is a boy... so I improvised! Hope you like em! I did the cuts in the book for the faces since they were for someone else... usually I just freehand my eyes, noses or mouths... or you can try Peachy Keen face stamps. ;)


  1. Those are too cute. I've always thought if I would even use that cartridges if I bought it...Do you think it's worth it??

  2. Amaannddaa ~ YES!! I love both of the Paper Doll carts!! There is so much more than just dolls to cut on them too!! If you have any specific doll or cut you would like to see me use/cut just let me know! I'd love to put something up people want to see!! LOL!!


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