Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Re-Sticky Your Cricut Mats!

I think most of my followers know you can re-sticky your cricut cutting mats... but in case you didn't I wanted to let you all know.

There are two ways to do it.  You can buy spray adhesive.  I bought mine at Lowes.  (I've tried acid free stuff from the craft store and the results were not nearly as good.)  Or you can use a zig glue pen. If you go to The Pink Stamper's website she has a video on the zig method.

You have to clean your mat clean my mat really good...wait for it to dry... scrubbing the paper particles off... then mask, then spray. I also marked on the back which ones I did this too because you can usually just clean the mats with water a few times before you have to resticky them... for some reason they 'come back' sticky with just a wash!

I used painter's  tape to mask off the edges this way you can avoid sticky-ing the edges... and your cricut won't get goopy on the rollers this way.

I also suggest looking for those sales where all cricut products are on sale at your craft stores and stocking up on extra mats. Even with the resticky methods you will still want fresh mats for some projects and eventually they will be cut through.  If it is an important project a fresh very sticky mat is always best.  This method of re-stickying works great but if I had only one sheet of really good paper I might not want to risk ruining it and I would go ahead and buy a new mat. 

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