Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Scrapper's Dilemma

My main reason for scrapbooking is to record my kid's lives so that when they are older they will know things about their childhood. I do this because my Mom passed away from cancer when I was 17 and she had been sick since I was 8. She was a record keeper and didn't share memories with me. I am left to wonder things from my childhood.

That being said.... I took the kids to an amusement park on Friday and I didn't bring my CAMERA!! Oh the shame!!! It was difficult for me to do but most of the park was water related and honestly I was afraid that it would get ruined.

So now days later I am regretting not capturing the moments. I can envision the layouts in my head .... I worry that they will forget I even took them.... :sigh:

((Sorry no projects in this post.... but I had to vent I suppose!))


  1. It really is okay if you don't remember everything for them. They have lots and lots of memories. Maybe you can write about how you took them to the amusement park, maybe download some pictures of the internet of the rides and then just journal about it. Not every layout HAS to have pictures in it, and maybe even ask them what they remember about it so the memories can be theirs too :)

  2. I agree with Emily S. Make a page w/o photos that you can journal your favorite memories of the day.


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