Saturday, October 17, 2009

Echo in Bone ~ Diana Gabaldon's newest


Ok so Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series ( this book is the latest from it) is amazing. However the last book was supposed to be the last!!! So I still grabbed this one to read because I am a devoted fan ( and you have to be because the books are almost 1000 pages each!!) Well, while this was a good book it was a CLIFFHANGER!! Which means after reading over 800 pages I still don't know what happens to my beloved characters!!! Sorry to rant but well who else can a rant to? My DH doesnt' get me crying over characters in a book at all!! LOL!

If you are looking for an amazing historical series ~ this is it!!! Lots of facts and a beautiful Scotch Highlander to drool over!!! :D


  1. I am currently reading Outlander. It took awhile to get into but I am enjoying it :)

  2. I agree Emily it is a little slow for the first 100 or so pages then it takes off!! :D

  3. I'm about a third through Echo...I was wondering if this was the end or if there would be more. I guess we have to wait at least three more years! Love these books.

  4. Betsy ~ it was supposed to be over in the book before this one (Snowfall on Ashes I think was the title)

    I don't mind it continuing.... but really.....this book dragged a bit and no storylines were finished!!


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