Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homemade Glimmer Mist!

Ok so my friend Sandy was cleaning out supplies and asked if I wanted anything... and this is what she brought me... 6 jars of Pearl EX!!! Which of course I immediatly knew I would make Glimmer mist. So I asked over at the cricut messageboard how to do it and of course the gals over there all know how to do EVERYTHING!! I was directed to a youtube video from Tim Holtz... and this is what he said...

Buy those mini-misters , and some ink refills (I bought alcohol inks).... add a scope of pearl ex and water ( not quite to the top) and shake well....

I made green, red/pink and purple... you can't see the sheen but it is pure glitter!!! They came out beautiful!! I used my heat gun to dry the paper faster.... Now what to use them for????

So here is a question... what else can I do with those alcohol inks???

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