Saturday, November 14, 2009

Scrapbook store closing ~ boy did I get a lot!!

So.... my friend Sarah Jane calls me and says this store is going out of business and is having an 80% off sale..... who could resist! ((Feel free to contact them if your in the area there was TONS of paper and stamps there is no way they will sell out all that stuff today!! They really want to get rid of everything!!))

LOADS of stickers..... A few more stickers, ribbon , die cuts, Alcohol inks, magic mesh, rub ons, metal tags....

Stamps..... the cd cases are sets of stamps!

glitter, stickles, ink refills, alcohol inks, spray, brads, ink stampers, ribbon, lots of tiny embellishments, mini misters......

PAPER,PAPER and more PAPER!! (did I mention that my friend bought 170 sheets of paper!!! :o)

Two boxes perfect for gift giving of card sets!!
Ok so this stuff all retailed for over $300!!! And my final sale price........ $55.98!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a great great deal!!!! woot!!!!


  1. Wow Huge Score Lisa! So cool you got so much for so little!

  2. girls scored big time!!! Have fun with your new stuff =)

  3. Wow, this is what I call a good haul, Enjoy your goodies.


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