Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spending Freeze!

Well, Christmas is just a few weeks away and typically I have all my presents bought by Black Friday. I have NOTHING so far!! So I am going to put myself on a Scrapbook spending freeze. (Goodbye Micheal's , Joann's, AC Moore ~ I will miss you all!) I wonder how long I will be able to go? Luckily my Aunt is buying me cricut carts for Christmas!! I was planning on buying one (Storybook) on Black Friday and may still do that... but other wise nothing except adhesive til January!!

Can I do it???? We shall see!!!


  1. I am a big procrastinator, always at the last minute:(

  2. Good luck! I know there are a ton of great deals coming up next week and I for one will be investing a ton of money into the Crafting Economy! LOL...I hate to say it but every time I read these blogs and the cricut boards I get more and more ideas, then write them down and say when I see that Cartridge or that Paper prouct or whatever on sale I am going to get it. Well, next week there are a ton of items on my list that hopfeully can finally be checked off my list as purchased. We'll see.

  3. Thanks for following my blog! This is so cool..... we get to meet so many beautifuo people in the world of scrapbooking.
    You do a beautiful work too! I will follow you as well. Take care and keep warm!

    Beatriz from Amazing Grace blog

  4. Good luck! I know how hard that is! Especially with all the good deals out there. I'm like you, usually have it all done before Black Friday. Can't wait to hear what carts you get. I love my storybook cart.


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