Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Glitter ornaments

Looking for an easy holiday ornament project?  Glitter ornaments make beautiful gifts, last a long time and they are incredibly easy to make. 

First off you will need:
  • Clear glass ornaments
  • fine glitter
  • Pledge floor cleaner (pictured below ~ I found it at Walmart)
  • ribbon First take the little hook thing off the ornament.  Then you squirt the pledge in the little opening.  Next swirl that liquid around trying to coat the entire inside.  Dump out any remaining liquid.    Add your glitter and swirl around making sure the glitter has a chance to adhere to the whole inside of the ornament. Dump out extra any remaining glitter then put back the ornament topper.
Ideas to dress it up:

  • Add a fancy ribbon
  • add a vinyl initial letter to the outside of the ornament
  • use coordinating colors and make a whole set

I had bought the glitter sampler in the Christmas section at Micheal's. It had 12 or so little packs of glitter in different colors. Those were a little bit short on the amount of glitter needed. I think next year I will buy one big thing of glitter to use. I also think I will limit it to two colors next year.... The silver glitter one came out so beautiful.... it is my favorite! My kids are 7 & 9 and they were able to do the project.  We all enjoyed the  making the ornaments and they came out stunning.  I was a little concerned because the floor cleaner is toxic and I made the kids wear old clothes and wash up afterwards. You could use rubber gloves to be safe.


  1. Yours turned out great. I also enjoyed during my ornaments. I do love your silver and royal blue ornaments the best. I didn't have those colors. I should maybe go look for them for next year.


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