Friday, December 25, 2009

Multimedia message

My hubby treated me well!
4 cricut carts, peachy keen stamps, & so much more!!!


  1. Looks like your hubby did good. Merry CHRISTmas :)

  2. WOOOHOO for you! I love your resoultions too! I just ordered myself some PK everyday doll faces, Hope I use them!

  3. He did god - you did great! Great gifts- how specific did you have to be? Four carts - wow!

  4. Julia ~ I emailed him the info about the stamps because I wanted specific ones there. I told him the adhesive because I knew he would use it to fill my stocking! LOL! I had showed him punches that went around the pages MONTHS ago... so he got that on his own and he picked out all the cricut carts. He knew I wanted 50 states but they didn't have that one so he improvised. He also got me a bunch of other stuff. My dh is great at getting me presents ~ he loves Christmas shopping as well!! :D


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