Thursday, December 10, 2009


I still haven't been crafting. I am not so sick anymore but I am tired and nauseus. I guess it is leftovers from the flu?

Anyways... yesterday the mailman delivered a package to my hubby and the return address was from Peachy Keen Stamps!!! Yay!! I know I am getting one really good gift from there!!! Finally my paperdolls will have some nice faces. I've tried to draw them but let me tell you I am just not that good!!!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Hope you are feeling better!!! I just got Peachy Keen Stamps...finally!!! They really are GREAT! I just used the faces on a bunch of little Santas I made and they turned out so cute =)

  2. glad you are doing better. I got sick too had to go to the dr too.


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