Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GiGi ~ our newest family member

This is our newest member GiGi. I've never had a Guinea Pig before but we needed something that was easy to care for and good for little kids ~ so here she is! She is rather sweet and cuddly already and I hope that we have a good time with her.


  1. Guinea Pigs are fun!! Its a great learning pet once your kids have moved on from fish. Stop by my blog I have Birthday blog candy until Feb 5th!!


  2. Let's welcome Gigi to Lisa's household. How cute!

  3. You are going to love your new pet. Guinea Pigs can be so social. Our guinea pig always talked to me everytime I opened the fridge. Guess he got to expectings some treats.

  4. guinea pigs sort of inspire fear in me due to a traumatic childhood experience. LOL...let's just say my friend's pet wasn't as sweet as yours! ;o)


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