Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wild Card #6 ~ The Invite

The second card this week is the invite. It has a cool envelope that folds on itself. The envelope reminded me of the explosion cards that are so popular right now ~ so I thought ... why not make it a card. (Especially since I needed two cards for my two nieces birthdays!)

So here is the envelope. It doesn't stay shut that well.... so you will have to use adhesive to shut it when giving out.
#6 -invite card

The inside:
#6 invite card

Here is the card. Once again the way it is set up I think it looks like a complete card. So I did that and won't use an envelope for it:
#6 - invite card

#6 invite card

Thanks for looking!!

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  1. LOL, the paper, actually cardstock, is from a pack I bought at Ross. It is from Marcella K (K&Co) and it cuts really nice on the cricut. I think I used #4 on all settings. And , YES!!! I am a bright colors person :) most of the time that is :-)


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