Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wild Card #7 - Booklet

Ok so this one is tricky!! I cut the envelope at 'fit to page' but the card doesn't cut at the same size. It is much smaller. So for #7 you have to cut the card first!!

Here is my card first:

Wild Card #7

The paper I used really was torn up with the cutting and scoring so I sanded everything and went with it!! LOL!! I also messed up on my stamping (bottom of the card) so I cut it off and used a border punch. Now I know I could have redone the card with all the problems I had but I am just not that kind of girl. I like to make lemonade outta lemons!! LOL!! So I worked with it and think it came out somewhat ok!!

Hope you enjoyed this installment!! See ya Thursday with another Wild Card!!

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  1. Both of these are really cute! I think I need this cart too!


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