Monday, February 8, 2010

New Carts

I bought 4 new carts last week and they finally came today.

Paisley - did you know there are alot of girly images? I didn't! I just thought it was more cutesy animals because that is all I've seen done with it. O well, I won't be needing any other girly carts with this one & storybook.

Christmas Cheer - got this one because I do so much at Christmas time... there are some really cute cuts on this one.

Easter 2010 - there are only 30 cuts on this cart!! 30!!! I thought it would be more like a solutions cart but nope. Still cute though, and I know I will use it for Easter.

Alphalicious - cool name , nice font!! LOL!! I think it is a staple font like Cuttin Up.

So I should have a layout done by the end of today. I thought it was done last night but then I woke up with a thought and now I have to add something to it!! LOL!

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  1. congrats on your goodies. that always make my day too.
    (Insurance is back :-)


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