Saturday, March 27, 2010

Congrats to Flowerdisco (& the others!)

My Pink Stamper announced her design team last night via Ustream... although I missed it this morning I checked her website and I saw Flowerdisco's name there!! I am not surprised seeing as we have seen first hand how talented she is!! So Congrats Flowerdisco!!!

Now I thought I would show my submission to the Design Team:

I used Plantin Schoolbox for the cardholder (had to trim the side because my cards didn't quite fit) and Paisley for the card. I loved this project and ended up giving it to me niece that declared it too cute to use!! LOL!


  1. are not going to believe this...sit down please...the card I sent to Robyn had that same same owl...of course my style but isn't that freaky? OMG I didn't know you submitted and you didn't know I did too. freeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaky!!!!!!!!! BTW, of course I like it...I love your work too. and thanks for the post about me....everyone has to remember I am on the beginner side of the spectrum here, lol.

  2. Love the submission and YAY for Flowerdisco!

  3. That's great! I watched it live and it was neat that she won. I submitted too, but I have to say am a bit relieved. Your work is gorgeous. I bet you will be in that 100 that she showcases!


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