Thursday, March 18, 2010

Target revamped and they now sell CRICUT!!

I just ran to Target this morning and they've clearanced out a bunch of stuff and put out a whole cricut section!!! Now the prices were crazy $72.39 for a cart and they were all oldies (Graphically Speaking, Calligraphy, Stretch Your Imagination, Jasmine & 1 other I forget) but who cares because Target CLEARANCES everything eventually!!!! Yay!! There were also cricut markers, deep cutting blade and replacement blades!!

I am just so excited!


  1. Very cool, not here yet and NOTHING left in the clearance, I guess I was too late!

  2. I love Target. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Our Target had Cricut stuff about a year ago for maybe 3 months and then *poof* everything was gone. :-(

  4. Cool, now I am going to have to run over to our Target during lunch tomorrow to see what is marked down. Thanks for sharing.


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