Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yardsale - Stampin Up Mother load!!

Ok I got yardsaling just about every Saturday from April to September.... and today I hit a good one!!! I missed out on some of the stuff because there was another lady snatching things practically out of my hand! I bet she was going to sell on ebay! She said the classic - oh this is for a friend bit and you know that usually means ... EBAY! So I bought 62 sets of stampin up stamps....
This bin of assorted beads, buttons and tons of metal tags ( I have no idea what to do with them!)

A few stacks of pattern paper and packaged paper (I think I bought 4 whisper whites, one natural and like 5 others)
Then the MOTHERLOAD of paper!!!

I have no idea how many sheets there are but it is a lot and many are normal everyday colors!!! I also got a full bin of precut card making supplies (this lady was a demonstrator) so all you have to do is assemble the cards! How easy!!
I was so excited... I have to say I went twice to this yardsale because she had a full bin of stamp pads & reinkers and for some reason I didn't buy them up the 1st time...went home and knew I had to go back. Of course the ebay lady was snatching them up too... who knows what else she got because she was buying like crazy!
I still did good. So most of my NSD is going to be
Oh I didn't mention the price I paid.... $100 even!!!! I think it was WELL worth it!!


  1. WOW!!! Thats pretty much all I can even think at the moment!

  2. WOOOOHOOOO FOR YOU! I have not and will not be shopping today but WOW! Great job for you!

  3. holy smokes you hit the yard sale lottery. that really is a great deal for all of that stuff. enjoy :)

  4. SU is retiring 30 colors...that is probably why you got the inkpads, reinkers and paper.

    EXCELLENT deal though, really! Nicely done :)

  5. YOU HIT THE MOTHERLOAD! Wow! What a fantastic deal! You are going to be creating some wonderful stuff!!


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