Wednesday, June 2, 2010

17 weeks today! Tiny Update!

This pregnancy is moving right along! Today I am 17 weeks and I have an appointment with my midwife. I am hoping she will schedule me for the gender ultrasound so I can finally find out what this little bean is!! Overall I am feeling much better I just get tired around 4pm everyday! This doesn't help my crafting time since I used to do it after dinner each night....

I am hoping to get back into the swing of things over the next week since my boys are now done school. First thing I need to do is get the control back in the house. I spent most of March/April in bed with all-day morning sickness so my house looks like a tornado hit it!! Once I get that under control time will free up to craft once again!

Well that is my tiny update!!


  1. Well, I am so glad you are feeling a bit better and doing well! :) Don't pressure yourself with your is meant to be a fun thing, and if you feel pressure, that'll take away the fun. Just update when you can, and we will be here! I hope you get your ulrasound soon, and get a good shot of what you want to see!

  2. glad to read your update. let us know when you know :)
    hugs! your new fb pic. cute!

  3. continued good news! excellent and the dust bunnies just give them names and don't fret! don't turn away any offer of help from friends or family!

  4. Oh, yay, I'm glad to read you are feeling some better. Your new blog look is wonderful! Can't wait to hear what the sex of your new baby is. After a tornado, most people just pick through the important things and sweep the rest away. Hope you are able to pick and sweep. :0)

  5. This is a special time filled with anticipation. Enjoy enjoy every moment of it.

    You have such a cute blog

    Thanks for visiting my blog during the OWH hop & leaving such a sweet comment.


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