Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Hop..... Are you interested?

I am wanting to do a blog hop sometime in the near future. Looking for a few people to join in and get their blogs featured.... email me at : (with blog hop in subject) if you would like to join in. My requirements are:

1) you have a blog
2) be willing to make a project and post all the blog hop info on your blog including links to this blog for the start and links for the next stop.
3) that you be willing to offer some sort of blog hop candy (that can be as big/small as you like and you can have your own requirements for how entries are drawn/determined. You only have to close it when the hop is done)

I don't belong to any groups anymore or any design teams so this would be a chance to participate. Please let me know I think this can be a lot of fun!!

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