Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Poor Cricut E

So my poor Expression is going on a trip! Since I received this replacement cricut it has never cut circles/0's correctly. I finally got around to calling Provo Craft tonight and they are going to send me a refurbished E. This is of course great news and I must say I am super thrilled with Provo Craft for standing by their product. (I really love them and I have a ton of products from them and hope to add more this year!)

Now for the bad news.... their policy changed and now you have to ship your E to them and them the process and ship you a new one. Which means there is about a 3 week turn around. So I will be without a cricut for 3 weeks!!! What will I ever do? I know for a fact I will be crafting with it for the next few days to get stuff ready for the next few weeks. So have no fear I will still have projects posted but at some point I might have to get creative. We shall see!!

I must say I am loving having my blog back up and getting back into the groove of crafting as often as possible with a 3 month old. I have big plans in the future for this blog and my crafting in general. So have no fear I won't be falling off the face of the earth again. LOL!!

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  1. Let us know if the replacement works better. I have had 3 Es'and all of them cut wonky circles and scallops, though there are things that make them worse like using the Gypsy or DS and cutting with thicker materials. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Cut lots of non - circular shapes so you have things to play with during your E's absence.


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