Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's for the kids!

So at the last minute I decided to make the kids Valentine's for the class. These are the bags with the notepads and cards I made for the teachers. I also added hershey kisses.


Close up. All Stampin Up Stamps.


The little purses I made for the girls. I used Forever Young for the boxes and Sweethearts for the hearts.


The stamps were some I had laying around.


Close up of the purse. I filled it with Candy. Honestly this was a bit ambitious! Took me a few hours. And I kinda wimped out because I didn't make the boy's Valentines but used the leftovers from last year for the them.

Hope you had a great day and enjoyed the holiday!!

Oh and guess what my hubby bought for me???


Yes I am entering into the world of Gypsy FINALLY!! My cousin had picked up an extra when they were on clearance and gave me a good price. I am new to it and my cricut is taking a little vacation so I will be using it more in a few weeks but I am SOOO happy and excited!!

I also got to go to Micheal's and get a Pink ATG and some more adhesive.

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  1. Love the gift toppers and the little purses are adorable!!! Congrats on getting a Gypsy. I can't seem to be able to craft without my Gypsy
    Girl!! :)


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