Friday, September 9, 2011

Cheap Diapers at Toys R Us or Babies R Us

I am all about a deal.  Diapers are something I stock up on since I have Jace in them and he will most likely wear them for at least 2 years!  I try to have the next size and about 15 packs per size.  My stock up price is $3.50 or less.  Most of the time I get them at drugstores because that is the easiest place to get them for that price but Toys R Us and Babies R Us is having a $5 sale on Huggies Jean diapers for today and tomorrow (9/9 & 9/10)

To sweeten this deal you can use coupons to bring down the cost.  (You might have other coupons Huggies mails me a bunch so I always seem to have them on hand)

If not try these coupons:

Smart Source from 8/14 for either $2 off 1 pack or $1.50 off 1 pack. 

Smart Source is the insert you get in your Sunday Paper.  You would have had to already have this insert since it is from August 14th's paper. 

I also suggest calling ahead because they will go fast!

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