Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tilapia shhh!

tilapia, green beans and pearlized cous cous
So tonight's dinner was fish.  My husband and I are not fish eaters.  My middle child is more adventurist than the rest of us but if he knew it was fish forget it.  So I called it 'white meat' lol!  He ate 2 pieces!!! 

Dinner was tilapia which I crushed up some tortilla chips then breaded it with that.  Pan fried (is there any other way?) , some steamed green beans and pearlized couscous.  I DID NOT know that pearlized couscous was different that regular couscous so I was VERY disappointed! 

So the point of this meal was a total success because I wanted Xander to eat fish and find out he liked it ~ especially because I don't.  However I didn't really like it!! Oh well. 

Oh and my husband.....ate one bite of the fish and no bites of the couscous. 


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