Thursday, October 6, 2011

Menu Planning Q & A

I received a great comment with some questions on my menu planning so I thought I would post up in case anyone else is wondering the same things.

Hey Lisa, on your two-fer meals do you do the exact same meal two nights in a row or do you make it a little bit different the second night? How do you get your family eat the same thing two nights in a row? Thats great! I wish I could do the same! Also how much do you average on groceries a week? What do you do for Saturdays? Menu planning is one of my favorite things to do so I love getting ideas from other people!
~ Sarah Jane 

For my two-fer meals it depends on what it is.  When I made meatballs we had meatball sandwiches the first night and spaghetti and meatballs the second.  Tacos and chilli tend to be nachos the second night.  As for eating the same thing in a row Xander my middle is happy to eat anything we make him.  John is sorta on the same page too.  (Unless it is pork chops or chicken his least fav meals!)  He knows we are trying to keep grocery cost to the bare minimum while paying down debt and getting through the holiday giving season.

For Friday nights we almost always get a pizza or something out.  It is my break night and then Saturday and Sunday it depends.  Sometimes I will schedule in foods but often times we have parties or other engagements so I don't have to plan anything.  I plan on $100 a week for groceries.  This week I did only about $70 with coupons and I was so excited!! I always plan around the sale flyer and only buy meat that is on sale.  I'm going to be trying to do one or two meatless nights a week if possible.  

The hardest part for me is not running to Wawa because it is literally 10 houses away!  We probably spent 1/3 of our earnings there before I got strict.  I don't even want to share how much in take out!   I love to cook but I love eating out so much more!  I also have been brewing my own coffee in my keurig which is saving me about 40cents a cup too!  Couponing has saved me the most overall though because I never pay full retail on toiletries, paper products or cleaning supplies.  I also stockpile as much FREE as I can.  (Diapers are bought a the cheapest price as well!) 

Hope that answers some questions! 

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