Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's for Dinner this week?

Naturewood is my dish pattern.
Menu planing take 3 (or is it 2?)

This week I'm planning meals for Sun-Thurs night.  We will eat leftovers on one night as well.  That is one of the ways the food stretches around here.  There are 3 meals that always are two-fers   pasta dishes, chilli and tacos.

The main key to my menu planning is to take the circular and buy things that are on sale (meat/ veg) and make them fit into what we eat.  I usually shop at ShopRite and I use Living Rich With Coupons to do my match-ups and get the most for my money. 

This weeks menu:

Sunday:  tacos
Monday: tacos
Tuesday:  Ravioli & Garlic bread
Wednesday:  Roasted chicken legs, mashed potatoes and veg
Thursday:  Eggs, ham and buttermilk pancakes.

Friday night I've been doing 'dinner out'  this week will probably be Wendy's Drive-thru because we are heading to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live!  and will be on the road.

So the question of the day..... Whats for dinner at your house this week?

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  1. Hey Lisa, on your two-fer meals do you do the exact same meal two nights in a row or do you make it a little bit different the second night? How do you get your family eat the same thing two nights in a row? Thats great! I wish I could do the same! Also how much do you average on groceries a week? What do you do for Saturdays? Menu planning is one of my favorite things to do so I love getting ideas from other people!
    ~ Sarah Jane


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