Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ebates! My new favorite way to shop online!


So if you've read my blog at all you know  I like to save money.  I'm cheap/frugal what ever you want to call it.  At Christmas time I discovered Ebates!! Well it is awesome!  Just by doing your regular online shopping you get cashback!! So simple!!

Here is what you do.  Go to Ebates here and sign up.

Then when you have some online shopping to do go to Ebates and look up the website.  Then they will tell you what the cashback bonus is.  (3 weeks ago I purchased some skin care from Philosophy and there was a 10% cashback so I earned $5 off that purchase. ) Then click the link there from their site and voila!  Your done.  You will see a pop up that says you are earning your cashback.  Shop as you normally do then Ebates will take care of the rest.  They mail out checks every couple of months.  At Christmas I got a check for $10!!  Awesome for just doing my normal shopping!

So simple what are you waiting for!  

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