Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time Life Messed Up!

Have you seen the cover of Time Life Magazine?  It shows a Mom extended nursing her 3 yr old son.  Well I have a few things to say over this controversial cover!

1) I think this Mom should seriously reconsider what she just put out there for all the world to see.  She is 100% exploiting her son with this picture.  Remember that little girl Jessica that fell into a well as a baby?  Well they still do stories on her now that she is an adult.  What do you think this kid is going to be remembered by?  Media will want to push the story and know where is that little kid that was nursing on the cover of that magazine. 

2) I have a problem with the image in general.  Why are they not sitting in a nice chair cuddling?  There is no 'bonding' kind of thing going on here.  This is not the 'face' of breastfeeding IMO.  It is more personal and close than grabbing a stool and pulling down on Mom's top.

Now before you think I'm just against breastfeeding you should know I've nursed 3 babies.  My oldest was for 13 months, middle was for 18 months and my last is currently 18 months old and still nursing.  I'd say as for as society goes going over 12 months is 'not the norm' so I'm all for extended nursing.  My pediatrician recommends until 2 so that is my personal goal.  The difference is we don't do it all the time anymore.  Mostly for bedtime.  He is big, he walks and talks.  He doesn't need to nurse anywhere/ everywhere anymore.  When he was a baby I did.  I have no problems nursing out in public at all. 

Last thought is why is Time Life trying to say that we are not 'Mom Enough' if we don't nurse our 3 yr olds.  Who are they to judge with that title!  Aren't there enough images and pressures for Moms to deal with already?  Okay I'm done.  You might not agree.  I'd love to hear your thoughts (just keep it PG please)

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