Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grow Garden Grow!

It has been a few weeks since starting the garden.  Everything has bloomed that was seeds.  My spinach and lettuce are a little small and not sure if they will make it.  Something is attacking my Garden Beans as well.  Here are the updated pictures. 

bottom left: watermelon, (clockwise) honeydew, pickling cucumbers, reg cucumbers , garden beans, lettuce, middle spinach.  (marigolds planted throughout) and there is a rosemary plant in the middle too!

Garden beans ~ something got em. :(

tomato, basil, tomato (back plant had a rotted from the bottom tomato ~ not having much hope for producing on that one)

bottom left: green pepper, space, jalepeno, (behind is another green pepper you can see), red pepper, red pepper, green squash, green squash, radishes.  Middle cilantro. 
 I have no idea when to pick the radishes!! LOL!! I am gonna wait a little while longer and see if they get bigger yet.


jalepeno pepper with black spots on stem?
I'm really hoping to have some success!! I did eat some of the cherry tomatoes with a piece of basil the other day!  That was super YUMMY!  I've spent a bit of time and $$ here so it would be nice to enjoy some fruits.  My watermelon plant looks amazing as does the squash so I think those will be my best overall. 

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  1. Love your garden. I hope all of your plants make it. I've never attempted a garden like that, but maybe some day. Hubby usually has tomato plants and some pepper plants but he hasn't done anything yet this year.


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