Monday, June 11, 2012

How does her garden grow....

I decided this year to attempt a vegetable garden.  I've done containers with no luck (stupid bunnies would eat all my plants!)  I'm hoping for some success this year.  My dh bought (and assembled) two 4x4 boxes (bought at Home Depot for $29.99 each).  We put some of that carpet/fabric stuff on the bottom to keep the weeds out and filled with 8 bags of Miracle Gro soil from Lowe's. 

Both boxes

Right Box

center with potted plants

left box

front view
In the Left box I planted: red peppers, green bell peppers, skinny cubelno peppers jalapeno, cilantro, squash ~ all from plants.  In the Front from seeds is radishes.  I also have marigolds planted around the boxes to ward off bunnies...

In the Right box:  Long cucumbers (plant and some seed), pickling cucumbers (plants & seed), rosemary, honeydew and watermelon.  From seed: lettuce, spinach and garden beans.

Center Pots:  Back is big tomatoes, middle is basil, and front is cherry tomatoes. 

I planted this on June 3 and already my seeds are sprouting.  I have radishes, lettuce, spinach and cucumbers.  No beans yet.  If I don't see those by next Monday I'll replant and try again. 

I am by no means a gardener and I hate bugs and all that so this is really an experiment this year for sure!  I'll post new pics sometime next week so you can see the progress!

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