Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lehigh Valley introduces New Pure Protect Bottle!

Lehigh Valley wants you to enjoy their milk.  They've added a new Pure Protect Bottle that keeps light out so that your milk stays yummy!  Milk is a favorite drink among my kids and husband.  We must go through at least 2 gallons if not 4 a week!   I really like Lehigh Valley's 5-Point Purity Checklist and that they care for their quality! My kids really enjoy the taste!

Additional product information:

5-Point Purity Checklist:
  • Our Farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones.*
  • Milk from cows fed a nutritious diet.
  • We reject any milk that contains commonly used antibiotics.
  • Tested for Quality at every key step.
  • Cold Shipped from dairy to store within hours. 

*no significant difference has been shown in milk from cows treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST and non reST treated cows.  

We’ve created the new Pure Protect™ bottle to protect your milk from harmful light that can compromise both taste and nutrition. At Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms, we strive to provide our consumers with the most delicious, nutritious milk possible. We think you’ll taste the difference!

Be sure to check Lehigh Valley on Facebook for additional information!  They are giving away a $100 Grocery Card every week until Labor Day!!  

**Thank You Lehigh Valley for providing a product to review.  As always my opinion is my own!**

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