Thursday, August 16, 2012

Homeschool Curriculum 2012

So one of the things people struggle with is picking curriculum.  We were fortunate to have a good friend that has homeschooled for many years to help us narrow it down! 

Here is our list:

7th Grade:

  • Easy Grammer Plus
  • Daily Grams Grade 7
  • Spelling Workout G
  • Teaching Textbooks 7
  • Apologia Science Swimming Creatures
  • Mystery of History Vol 1
5th Grade:
  • Easy Grammer Grade 5
  • Daily Grams Grade 5
  • Spelling Workout E
  • Teaching Textbooks 5
  •  Apologia Science Swimming Creatures
  • Mystery of History Vol 1

In addition extras we have:
  • Writing Strands Level 3
  • Rosetta Stone Spanish
  • Typing Tutor for Kids
  • Keepers of the Faith Character Studies

The boys will do piano lessons and have required reading as well as Bible reading too.  Those are just the set curriculum books we have.

If you haven't chosen your books for the year! I wish you luck!! There are so many amazing choices and it can be overwelming.  I liked shopping at because they have some really low prices, ship fast and you can usually look inside a good bit of every book you have online.  

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