Friday, September 14, 2012

Apologia Science: Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day Lesson 2


 Lesson 2: Whales

I think this lesson really appealed to the boys. We took a trip down the shore (thats how we say it in NJ!) to visit my brother-in-law who lives on a Whale Watching boat.  He was able to tell us all about whales and the different things they do in the water (breaching, skyhopping) and he showed them a picture of different whales pointing out the ones he has seen local waters.

Then the kids did their notebooking activites.  We did an experiment using string and cups to see how sound travels.  Last was the Boxes to put each creature we study in.  They used some old shipping boxes, lined with blue paper.  This weeks animal was Whales of course so each kid is making their own whale for the box.  The only snag I came into is the air dry clay takes 2 days!! Who knew?  So we have to wait until Sunday or Monday to paint them. 

Additional items used:

We took this DVD out at the library:

Whales- An Unforgettable Journey

and we will have the kids watch :

Free Willy

The kids also colored on Color On Coloring sheet with Ocean Animals - it is really cool!

Hope you enjoyed our week 2 adventure!  Perhaps some of it will help/inspire you! 

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