Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting there!

Yesterday I accomplished a good bit of organization.  I'm so thrilled to be able to find stuff.  I'm reading this new book called Be That Girl and it really reflects how I want this new year to be.  (Review to come next week on!) The Author says a lot of about organizing.

This is my little space of shelving.  I also have a 3 drawer plastic bin under my kitchen table (the one end of my table is devoted to computer/printer/desk)  - no worries my table is HUGE!  I have 2 additional shelves with a closing door on the unit pictured.  In it is arts and crafts to make and my review work.  

Those boxes I made were inspired by a pinterest post I found.   Here is the tutorial I used.  So easy ~ no sewing just cutting and glueing!  I plan on making some more for my bedroom to store all my yarn.  

Next us I made printables for the boys.  I had a book I was hand writing in every night to tell them what they needed to do each day.  This was time consuming and then well I got lazy and just gave them verbal list.  Something like, "Do math, spelling, grammar and read your Bible."  Well I think they need something a little more concrete.  So I went to my word doc and just uploaded a weekly calendar (it was from their templetes and said homework sheet.)  Then I changed the titles around a little to say our subjects and added a note section for Sat/sun.  Easy Peasy!  I'm going to have them highlight what they accomplish and turn it into me on Fridays after they are done their work.  This way I can reevaluate and change for the following week. 

I'm personally thrilled with these accomplishments!  Now if only I could take the Christmas Tree down.... lol. 

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