Saturday, January 5, 2013

January Homeschool check In!

Monday is back to school for us.  We had a two week Holiday break which was nice but everyone is ready to start back to work.  My middle woke up and did crafts unprompted.  To get ready I had to clean our entire homeschool space (just a few shelves in the kitchen)  - the holidays had me just shoving stuff on the shelves rather than filing like should.  I also need to do some planning for this half of the year which includes printing.  Hopefully I get my brother printer hooked up and going once and for all because I had the cost of ink on my jet printer and the laser is so much cheaper.  I've ordered books at the library and have to order a few from Amazon as well.  (We are going to read this book: The Children's Homer)

So Goals for January 2013:

  • Print/Plan for the remainder of the school year.
  • Blog more on this site about our experiences (I am still regularly over at
  • Menu plan and stick to it!! (and share with you all!)

Goals for the boys school:

  • Get ahead in Science/History in Jan/Feb
  • Finish Math (Teaching Textbooks) and purchase the next editions
  • Art Project 

Are you re-adjusting for 2013? Any Resolutions? 

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