Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine's Day Craft!

I know this is late - but better late than never.  I've really been trying to incorporate more arts and crafts into our homeschool.  Holidays and History seem to be the best fits for this but still finding the time while getting in our regular school day is more challenging.  I found this wonderful  craft at Fabulessly Frugal.  The best part was I had EVERYTHING on hand.  I bet you could even do other holidays by changing the shape.  Be sure to stop by and see her step by step instructions!

  All you need is mason jars, tissue paper, glue, water and a paint brush!
  photo 7DA11CF8-7FAC-4957-9B68-45BDF5B0E2A8-71678-00000847FEFA4AB2_zps71cf9051.jpg  photo 78ED00FF-B314-47D8-9F49-50D06C3D840C-71678-00000847EF9272F2_zps8e8be4d9.jpg  photo 0422F1A0-D061-49FA-978F-A4489568EFCD-71678-00000847E56D06F8_zps1ca80e5c.jpg

I think they came out great!  I'll be curious to see if they last in storage for next year.  (That would make them even BETTER!) 

Since Valentine's Day has actually passed I'll share a few more photos of our Homeschool Valentine's Party. 

 photo 99752C17-C1FC-4F29-9F8F-2826D15C251F-71678-00000847CBA6B26C_zps5d1122ce.jpg

 photo 64A6315B-FCDD-4FB5-AA00-AEADD5DD3D14-71678-00000847C3931B2B_zps20472047.jpg
Our menu was: 
Chips and hummus
chocolate covered pretzels (the kids made those)
veggies & dip
assorted candy
chocolate cupcakes

 photo 2573A19A-C762-40DB-AE53-3DB13D8427CD-71678-00000847D4D5D988_zps3d94568a.jpg
Target had adorable serving platters and bowls so I picked up a few of those. I also had a craft for the kids but for some reason I don't have a picture of those. I just purchased them on oriental trading though because I ran out of time to design something and our age range was large so I needed crafts that everyone could do.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of February. Next month is Easter and St. Patty's Day so I'm not sure what crafts to do yet! I'll keep ya posted!

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