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Must Read Parenting Book - Guardians of Purity by Julie Hiramine!

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This review originally appeared on Astheygrowup.com where I am a co-writer but I knew my readers would appreciate this post so much I decided to bring it over here as well.  You can find the original piece here.  

I have to tell you some of the background of how this book came into my hands for review.  I went to my first homeschooling conference in May. I pretty much had all my curriculum bought before going but I was looking for something on a specific hard to teach subject - Sex Ed.   Before I went my husband and I had talk and we knew we wanted to be the ones to approach this topic with them.  In my own life my parents asked a cousin to tell me about the birds and the bees.  Honestly that was not the best choice because this cousin was considerably older and much more promiscuous then I think they knew.  We discussed what our thoughts were and I knew when I went to the conference I would be on the look out.

 That first day at the conference was crazy.  It was bigger than I expected.  Still I was deteremined.  I wandered the isles until I came up to a booth called Generations of Virtue.  This was the place I was looking for.  I didn't realize at the time that they were a ministry based store.  The staff there explained my choices.  Honestly they had done so much of the work for me.  They had a book for everything!  The lady I spoke with gave me the ins and outs of my choices.  It was kind of funny because I was so red in the face talking about this kind of stuff outloud in public!  HA!  Anyways I walked away with a stack of books that first day and I felt a confidence that I had the tools to succeed in the 'talk' with my older boys.

Then the next day I ended up at the booth again!  (And I bought 3 more books!!)  See they did the work of having chosen great books on all the subjects I needed.  While I was there I mentioned that I do product reviews for Astheygrowup.com.  Guardians of Purity was their founder Julie Hiramine's  brand new book.  So long long story I went home with this book to review and share with you.

 My Thoughts on the book: Now that was a mouth full but let me tell you if you only read one parenting book this year this is the one!  It is filled with statistics that astonished me!  There is practical advice that will help you make real decisions for your family.  The chapter on Iniquity patterns was eye opening and life changing.  In fact as I've just finished this book I plan on re-reading again to really make sure I've processed all there was.   These are tough times for our kids.  Media is everywhere.  They can be on the internet in seconds from phones and ipods.  Peers most likely don't have the same values that Christian kids do.  They are being bombarded everyday with images and ideas and we need to give them the tools to navigate.   Coming up with a real plan for dating and your family values is important.  This is something my husband and I will be committing to paper soon so our boys know exactly what options are available.  My goal is raising God-pleasing children now worldly-wise children. 

 About Guardians Of Purity by Julie Hiramine: Parents will be encouraged and equipped as they face the battle targeting their children in the realm of purity. With so much stacked up against this generation: the influence of media, temptation at the click of a button, eroding sexual values, and an enemy intent in watching them stumble, is there any hope for the next generation? Julie proves there is - because God has called this generation to live pure lives before Him. And where God's people are committed to living out His standard, there is hope and power by His Spirit. Learn how to be a guardian of your child's purity - whether your kids are toddlers or teens - through practical tips and Biblical wisdom. Covering topics like safeguarding the technology kids use, blessing your children, and talking to them about the birds and the bees, Guardians of Purity is an essential how-to guide for the parent who wants to be proactive about raising children to live pure lifestyles.   

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I'll be sharing more about my homeschool conference purchases for Sex-Ed in a later post.  I know I searched for great tools and now that I've found them I would like to help others.  You might be thinking my kids are too little for all that - well let me tell you I was TOO!  I've come to realize that it just simply isn't the truth though.  I have books now for ages 6+ that are age appropriate for every level.  So keep an eye out for future post on what I'll be teaching. 

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