Thursday, November 7, 2013

Book Review: A Squirrel's Story: A True Tale by Jana Bommersbach

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We've always been readers.  Since the kid's were little we've filled their bookshelves with delightful books.  From board books to chapter books to novels we've read them all! Now that we are homeschoolers I look at books in almost a new light.  I ask questions about the book.  Is there a lesson, Is there something to learn, or is it just for fun?  I love when I can find a book that meets all three!

A Squirrel's Story :  A True Tale by Jana Bommersbach is a delightful tale written in the Momma squirrel's perspective.

Shirlee Squirrel needs a safe nest for her babies, far from the clutches of a menacing black cat!  When she movies into a birdhouse designed to house wood ducks, she and her babies create a "home sweet home" in a North Dakota backyard.  Raising her children under the watchful eye of the nice man and woman whose yard they inhabit, Shirlee teaches young Sammy and Sally everything gray tree squirrels need to know.  Retold by award-winning journalist Jana Bommersbach, Shirlee's true story speaks the universal language of love.  Whether readers speak cat, squirrel, or people, Shirlee's message speaks to the heart!

My Thoughts:

Bommersbach really has the gift of story-telling.  She weaves a story about the life of a squirrel family that is both interesting and believable.  Her use of decriptive words really makes the story come alive.  She magically weaves facts about the squirrels in a natural path to follow the story which really is what made this book special.  I also enjoy the Curriculum Guide in the back - which as a homeschooling Mom just made my job easier!  It is like getting a little unit study included with this wonderful book!

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