Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - Review!

Product Review: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! 

We've been homeschooling for a little over a year now and we just love it!  When I first started out I poured over books to glean as much information as I could to be successful.  Now I feel like I have a handle on the beginning stages but I still want growing and learning opportunities for our homeschool.  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is a  free online magazine that is jammed packed with information that would help a novice to a pro! For this review I was privileged to  read The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's November/December issue


The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is a FREE digital magazine.  It is bi-monthly and is designed with homeschooling families in mind. The digital format is a modern approach to a classic magazine and includes interactive links. 

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My Thoughts:

This was a big magazine!  176 pages!  This wasn't my first experience reading TOS so I was already familiar with the style.  Those of you who haven't read it let me tell you even though it is digital it reads very much like a traditional paper magazine.  It is jammed packed with articles and has a few advertisements mixed in.  The only difference is that if you see a website address listed it is a clickable interactive link.  This is very helpful because if your reading an article with a author that has a website you can click on her website link  and see what else she has to say!  There is a navigation bar on the left side that lets you easily search through the different sections of articles.  This way you can go back and look up a article you previously read. 

This issue was for November/ December and featured a few articles on holiday subjects.  The article Having a Holiday Heart: Seven Reasons to Celebrate by Deborah Wuehler was so touching.  I love the people she spotlighted from the Bible and how she used them to remind us to keep our hearts in the spirit of the holidays!  It is the articles like this that make this magazine so special.  They don't just cover product reviews, or how to teach writing to your child  - but they also minister to our hearts as mothers, parents, teachers and Christians! 

Another thing I liked was the variety of articles.  It didn't just focus on one age or subject.  There were articles for preschool issues all the way up through highschool.  Music through foreign language and product spotlights.  There was a article on Common Core State Standards  that I found very informative.  My biggest draw was that it is written from a Christian perspective!  I try to keep Christ as our center focus in our homeschool and it is particularly helpful to have like-minded sources.  I read this issue on my computer but it is really awesome on my tablet!  One last praise is that you can share the articles on Facebook or email easily with a link on the magazine page (on the top right!)

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