Friday, November 1, 2013

Ways to Save This Christmas!

I love to save money!  I use coupons, I shop sales and clearance and I buy used!  I think everyone is feeling the pinch this holiday so here are some of the things I do! 

1.)  I shop online using a Portal site like Ebates.
 - It is so easy to just go first to ebates, then search for your store and it sends you right to it.  I do this for all the big stores... Kohls, Children's Place, Philosophy. 

Then Ebates sends me a check in February that is a big rebate on my purchases!  AND you can use your store coupons and stack the savings!!!

Try Ebates here this season!

2.)  I cash in my Credit Card rewards from the year for stores I shop at! FREE MONEY here! 

3.)  I cash in my swagbucks for gift cards!! Remember I've told you all year to use swagbucks for searching and then cash them in for gift cards?  Well I cash mine in as soon as I have enough for a gift card to amazon then put it in my amazon account (where it doesn't expire)  but if you have swagbucks sitting there CASH THEM IN!!

If you have tried Swagbucks check out my post here! 

4.)  Double or Triple Dip at Target!!  They let you use a manufacter coupon, mobile/printable target coupon and the new Cartwheel app.  This will equal big savings if you plan according to sales!

5.)  Follow a few (2-3)  good saving sites on FB who will post daily deals at your favorite stores and web!  Amazon had amazing sales last year and I was able to snag them easily from my fb feed!  (they go fast!) 

My two favorites:

Passionate Penny Pincher
Money Saving Mom

6.)  Price Match!!  Walmart does it and I think Toys R Us does too.  This will save you time because you don't have to go to a bunch of different stores to get a good price.  Right now Toys R Us has the Jake and the Neverland Pirate Ship for $34.99 others have it on sale for $39.99.  That is a $5 difference so it is worth doing the work to save. 

I hope these tips helped you!  Please be sure to leave me a comment if they did!

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