Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ideas for Celebrating Christ on Christmas!

When we first became parents we were some of the first ones to take that plunge.  Everyone I knew had babies or young children.  What I'm saying is not many of us had formed our family traditions we were just starting out - all of us.  My husband and I were saved and we knew we wanted to keep Christ as the focus of our celebration but we often wondered how!

I decided to write this post to share with you some of the things we've done through the years!

1.) We always talk about Jesus, His birth and how He died - all year not just at Christmas!

2.)  We bought some books that show his birth and this year I even have a cute dvd!

Here are two examples we have new this year:

3.)  Before presents on Christmas morning we have bible time!  When the big boys were little my husband would read the story from Luke 2:1-21.  Then we would talk about the chapter and pray.  Now that they are older they have memorized the chapter and the boys recite it!   Then we still talk about the chapter and pray.

4.) We have a birthday cake for Jesus!  We sing Happy Birthday to Him!

These are a few of the traditions our family does.  I know my cousin has a manager and Jesus doesn't come until Christmas morning.  So that is another idea for the month long celebration!  I hope this post encourages you to come up with some Christ-centered traditions for Christmas Day! Please leave a comment telling me how you keep  Christ on Christmas!

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