Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Science is a Hit!

I mentioned a few post back that we switched sciences to Apologia Astronomy.  We are currently on chapter 3 - already.  This is good and bad.  My kid loves this curriculum because of the activities and experiments.  I love that part too.  I don't like how easy it is and how I have to add to it.  So overall I would say this is a 1-2 grade class and should be used first (I haven't seen botany that might be easy too.)  I have a feeling come February we will be buying yet another book in the series.  I'm not sure but I'm leaning towards Anatomy.  What I think will happen is he will do half of anatomy this year and half in the fall.  Then he will pick up with Chemistry and Physics.

So hopefully my thoughts will help you with your decisions.

Now some pictures!

This was the planet activity from lesson 1.  What I did was I turned our whiteboard backwards and we just taped rather than have them hanging from the ceiling.  (We have popcorn on our ceiling and I was not going to make a huge mess with that!)  I couldn't get a full picture since the board was so big!  X had fun doing all the blowing up and picking the right balloons.  (We bought science kit our from Nature's Workshop Plus and it came with a selection of colored balloons.)

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