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TOS Crew Review:

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I was recently selected to be part of the TOS Crew Review team.  This means I will be bringing some amazing products for review to you all to read!  This is my maiden voyage and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! For this first  review  graciously provided their yearly membership option.   Honestly I had heard of this site mentioned but I had no idea what it was all about.  I'm fairly new to homeschooling and it can easily become overwhelming with all the wonderful resources and curriculum out there.  After receiving the membership to I honestly think this would have made my first year much easier.  It has everything you need in one site. 

About: is a website filled with everyday subjects like history, science and math to more exciting courses such as videomaking, mock trial and Photography. They have options to fit every homeschooling age from preschool through High school!  It is designed that it can be your whole curriculum or used as a supplement. A one stop site for the whole family at one low cost!


two options:
1 year membership:  $139
or month to month for $3 the first month and $12.95 each additional

My Thoughts:

This is a pretty amazing site.  I love that it has so many options for curriculum.  I have been struggling along in my 8th graders spelling curriculum so I was very excited to see a full spelling resource  that looks like it will be a great fit for him!  The "Dailies" Tab at the top is a great place to start because it has all the work for that day (if you choose to do a subject that has daily work).  Another wonderful feature is at the end of the lessons there is a link to ask a question (to the writer of the curriculum - and there is a nice bank of answers there as well.) This is such a helpful feature!

For my family we are almost on winter break (test on Monday then done for the year!) So I decided to look for the next big thing to do starting in January.  I stumbled upon Everyday Epistles which included a course called Philippians in 28 weeks!  This was so interesting to me.  I've been neglecting our scripture memorization this past year and I want to jump start that again.  My kids are pretty ambitious so I told them they would be memorizing the whole book of Philipians they were both pretty enthused!  This particular course is already posted up in completion so all I had to do was print away!  There was information for the teacher (me) and the necessary papers for the kids to be successful in this course (copywork/ flash cards/ chart).  This course has an activitiy for each day to keep building on. Students also have a nice chart to keep track of their work and progress.  It look easy to implement but the results will be impressive!   I'm so excited to start!

One of the other things I've already done is a class for myself!  Photography!  See, when you have your membership it doesn't just have to be the kids doing the learning.  You have access to great classes for yourself too!  My sweet husband bought me my dream camera last year for Christmas.  I've been fiddling around with it for the last year but honestly I need some help.  This photography class starts at the basics and then moves to more advance skills.  I can't wait to finish all the lessons and see my pictures go from okay to WOW!  As a mom I'm very busy but since this course is all laid out online I can easily pop on to see the lesson at my leisure.  I most likely will commit to picking it up once a week so I can really learn what I personally want from the course.  I've completed the first two lessons and will pick up again come January.  

The Philipians in 28 weeks and photography class are just a sampling of the many amazing resources on this site.  There is a complete preschool curriculum (week to week) that has activities, suggested readings and more! Then there are  planners which  are totally worth the whole cost because you can fill them in then print!! They really have thought of everything!!

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  1. I love the dailies too! I saw that memorization and went "woh!"! Kudos to you for deciding to add that to your schooling! It will be a great, I'm sure!

    Great review!

  2. Thanks or pointing out the memorization, I need to check that out.

  3. What a great review! I'll have to look into the Everyday Epistles. Sounds so interesting!

  4. How lovely that your children enthusiastically memorize Scripture! You have to be loving that! I will need to check out the Everyday Epistles.

    The photography is something our older two will be doing... but I'm sure I'll be joining them!

    Heather with Principled Academy/the TOS Review Crew. :-)

  5. How lovely that your children enthusiastically memorize Scripture! You have to be loving that! I will have to check out Everyday Epistles.

    Our oldest two will be doing the photography... but I anticipate going through the course with them. :-)

    Heather with Principled Academy/the TOS Review Crew


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