Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials Blog Hop: Day 4 ~ Support! #WIN

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials Blog Hop


Day 4 - Support

If you don't have a good support system in place it is really hard to be successful.  Think about Olympic Athletes, they typically have family and a coach to help they achieve their dreams.  (It also takes hard work - but that is for another post!)  

For most homeschooling Moms the best support comes from your husband.  If he isn't on board it will be hard to have success.  Remember as Christian wives we  need to follow biblical submission (meaning Hubs is the head of the household.)  So we need to have our spouses go ahead to start homeschooling.  

But it is more than that.  You might have his permission but if he isn't really in favor for it ~ perhaps has the attitude "we will try for a year"  then that isn't good support either.  It is so important to take the time to pray and have each of you feel the call of God to homeschool and be on the same page.

With Dad's support - you will have him excited to see what the kids accomplished each day.  He will listen as you debate curriculum and try to give some insight.  He will know that the money that you spend for homeschooling is an investment.  During your hardest days he will encourage you to press forward and tell you that you can do it!  

After your spouse you will need some friends who homeschool to form a support system.  I am so lucky to have a few homeschooling friends who live locally.  It is an incredible blessing.  They are there to support, socialize and even lend a few things here and there!  We pray for one another and each family's homeschool.  

You might be saying ... I have the spouse but NO-ONE local to me homeschools!  What can I do!  Well, I actually have a big online support group in several areas.  First is a little homeschool facebook group I helped start up with people I know that live all over the country.  It is a place we can privately ask for prayer, ask questions, praise our kids, and share our days.  It is a small group but very helpful.  

I also belong to several larger groups on facebook.  There is one for Mystery of History users, one for apologia users,  and even one for Homeschool discussions.  So there is support out there you just have to find the right place.  Check online, check your library, look for a local co-op...  my own experience has led me to believe that us homeschoolers love to talk about homeschooling!  So reach out!  

So what do you think?  Is support an essential?
Thank you for joining me on Day 4 of 5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials.  I hope you will visit the other blogs participating this week.  I'll be back tomorrow morning to discuss another essential!

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  1. Absolutely! I'm especially grateful for husband's support, but also support that I get through blogging!

  2. A husband's support is crucial to a well balanced homeschool..I'm so blessed to have a husband that is on board and also helps out with the school subjects when he can.

  3. My husband is super supportive and our co-op is filled with so many knowledgeable ladies. We've been very blessed by that.


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