Sunday, January 5, 2014

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My three year old is obsessed with Octonauts!  He loves them all Captain Barnacles, Peso, Kwazzi and the whole gang.  He wanted a Octonauts' birthday party so I had to get crafty and make my own supplies.

The hardest thing is that the show was only on at odd times so he would watch on our phones or on demand...but no longer thanks so NCircle Entertainment!  On January 7th they will be releasing their first DVD Here Come The Octonauts!

About the DVD:
“Dive into adventures with your favorite underwater explorers, the Octonauts! Join brave Captain Barnacles, daredevil ex-pirate Kwazii, and medic Peso Penguin, along with the other Octonauts as they explore the world’s oceans, rescue the creatures who live there, and protect their habitats – above and below the waves!  On this exciting DVD, Captain Barnacles tangles with a Colossal Squid who has his hooks in the Octopod, Peso babysits a bunch of penguin chicks stuck in a blizzard, Kwazii has a shocking encounter with an Electric Torpedo Ray, and much more!”  Available at retailers near you.

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My Thoughts:

This DVD has been a life saver!  Yeah I said that - but it comes in handy when you want the living room television freed up from toddler tv.  I've long come to realize that my kids like to watch and learn.  We make sure that it is educational so I'm not feeling any guilt about him watching.  He has learned so much from watching Octonauts.  He knows so many sea animals and he will tell me facts about them too!  Of course he had to have all the toys and figures - so he can act out the episodes.

Now to the DVD, each episode features a situation where the Octonauts are called to help.  I love how they are always willing to help other creatures.  Peso the medic fixes ouches for many sea creatures and Kwazii is always up for an adventure!  The team is positive and it is a great show for preschoolers.  At the end of each adventure they have a sorta round up called 'Creature Report'  here they tell what they learned about and they show the real life animal.  I love that feature.  I always want to see what the animals look like in real life so it is awesome that they include it right at the end of the episode.  This show is 100% Preschooler approved by my three year old and I highly recommend you share it with your little one!

We had a Octonauts themed party. I made a homemade banner using my cricut for the circles and letters. Then I used Creative Critters to cut the animal shapes and hand cut their accents to match the characters. I think it turned out beautifully. We labeled our food in underwater themed names to carry the theme. received product, press or compensation to facilitate this review. This post may contain affiliate links, which means that by clicking on an affiliate link I may receive a small amount of money. We only give our honest opinions of products. This post is in accordance with the FTC 10 CFR, Part 255 concerning the use, endorsements or testimonials in advertising. Lisa Rupertus/ A Rup LIfe is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


  1. My two year old's favorite show right now is Bubble Guppies, and I have a feeling that this would be a great/same type of show surprise for her

  2. I would like to win this for my grandson so that we can watch it together.

  3. My grandson enjoys the Octonauts & would love to have this DVD.

  4. I want to win this for my son, he likes this show.


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