Monday, February 10, 2014

Fruit & Yogurt Breakfast Smoothie #abcblogging

Another smoothie using my Ninja.  I have found I like it okay.  I do not like that it is too tall to store under my counter top.  That was a poorly thought out design.  Onto the Smoothie:

a couple taps of cinnamon
a good squirt of honey
one single serving container of strawberry greek yogurt
one frozen banana
a handful of Kale
a bunch of frozen fruit (mixed)
enough almond milk to blend

Doesn't look that great blending but it came out amazing.  By far out of the few I posted this was my favorite.  I think the tang of the yogurt made a huge difference.  I don't mind the calories so much as long as this is a meal replacement.  With the whole yogurt and the almond milk plus fruit I don't think this is a good option for a snack. 

Hope you enjoy this post!  It is part of blogging through the alphabet at  Join me next week for T is for!

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