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Motivated Moms Ebooks Review

Motivated Moms Review
Do you struggle with keeping your home.  If I'm being 100% honest - I do!  I dread that unexpected knock, knock, knock on the door.  I think with homeschooling it has become WORSE!  There is some help and Motivated Moms has a created ebooks and apps for that purpose.  For this review I received a Motivated Moms ebook.   I chose the 2014 Motivated Moms Chore Planner with scheduled Bible Reading { Black and White}.


Motivated Moms is a chore planning system that you can print out.  They have several options that include full size/ half size, bible reading/ no bible reading, and black and white/ color.  Each week there are daily chores you check off such as: making beds, laundry, empty trash as well as some special suggestions like: read to children, quiet time and take vitamins/medication.  There is also a daily set of additional things to add which includes things like: fill up toilet paper supply, clip coupons, and water plants.

Printable Planners are $8

Age Range:
For Moms

Motivated Moms Review
My Thoughts:

I really like the idea of this planner.  There were things that worked for me and things that didn't.  First off I love the daily chores.  There is a sense of accomplishment to mark off those things I should be doing and usually do each day.  I also loved the selection of additional day by day items.  These are honestly the things I forget about in my week or never even thought about (changing filters on the heater).  I know I don't just think to organize a closet once a month- I usually wait until I absolutely have to do the organizing.

So here is how I used the planner.  I printed it off, hole-punched and placed in a pretty binder.   Then I would open on Sunday  to the new page and review the special tasks.  I liked to  see what I could do that day and check off what we completed.  Then each day I would do the same.  See one of the things that didn't work for me was when the task were assigned.  I don't have the time to clip coupons on Sunday but I can on Monday or Saturday.  I would still check them off because I completed it that week.

Another thing I did was not stress if I didn't get something done that week.  If Saturday rolled around and there was no chance of me cleaning light switches or washing a rug - I just let it go!  I figured it would either show up again or I might just do it on my own.  That brings me to another point.  You will still have to do things that are not on the list.  We vacuum daily here and I clean out various things as I have the time and see the need (kitchen cabinets.)

Some things I think I could have done to help me love the planner more and use it better would be to have highlighted the task each of my kids do and let them check them off.  I still may do that in the future.  Also the bible portion  would have used  if I had started on January 1st but because I was already in a few weeks I opted to skip that portion on my planner.  What I did instead was just cross each set off as I read my bible every day - just didn't read what was suggested. 

What would I change?  I wish that the schedule could have been more personalized.  If there had been a questionnaire that asked me what chores I wanted to complete  and how frequently that would have been a bigger help for me.  I don't mind that they are listed on days I can't really do the tasks - I just did them that week and marked off - BUT if it could be personalized further I would have preferred that as a deluxe option.  All in all though for the price point I think how it is laid out works well, I would expect to pay more for something more customized. 

Daily task to check off. 
A space to add your own weekly tasks
Day by Day break down of chores
Easy to jump in at anytime

Not set to my personal schedule
some tasks not relevant

So in closing I will answer the question I think you would like to know.  Will I continue to use my chore planner?  Absolutely!  It really has been a great addition to my daily schedule.  I like the sense of accomplishment I get when checking off my boxes each day and the suggestions for chores.  

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