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Review: Egglo Entertainment Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs & More #EASTER

Egglo Review
Easter is just around the corner.  It is one of my favorite holidays.  We like to refer to it as Resurrection Sunday.  It is the day we celebrate Jesus conquering death.  While we know Easter eggs have nothing to do with that our family likes to dye eggs and even enjoy a egg-hunt.  Egglo Entertainment has a neat product Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs!  It is a great way to spice up your egg hunt and bring back the focus on the REAL LIGHT!

What we received:

Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs - a set of 12 eggs you 'charge' with light so they will 'glow'. - $11.99 ( currently on sale for $9.99)

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure (book) - A colorful fantasy story book that features three kids that go on an adventure. -  $12.99 ( current sale price $9.99)

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure (book audio download) - the audio version of the book -  $2.99

Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls  - mini scrolls with messages inspired by bible verses. - $4.29

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide - a curriculum/guide packed with ideas and printables including invitations. - $14.99

Egglo Review

So the basic idea of this program is that you can have a big party (or a church function) and have a egg hunt.  You charge the eggs by either sunlight or regular lights and they hold the glow for some time.  This product is recommended for ages 4-13. 

How we used the materials:

First off I read the story with my 11 and 3 year old.  (13 year old wasn't interested.)  The book was a bit over the head of my three year old but he is a little younger than the recommended age so that was to be expected.  It is a long book but lots of adventure and great for a 11 year old.

Next we had our egg hunt.  To prepare I charged  the eggs by putting them very close to our bathroom light - it took about 20 minutes and they lasted for about an hour with a bright charge then started fading. I chose just two scrolls:

 The Light of Jesus shines in darkness - based on John 1:5

Let your light shine before others so they will give glory to God - based on Matthew 5:16

which I hid in two eggs.  The reason was I had something in mind to talk about and wanted to keep the focus on those two thoughts. (more on that later)

I had planned on having the hunt outside but it just wasn't dark enough for the eggs to glow enough.  There is a street light right out front and the moon was very bright so I think that was the problem.  Instead I hid the eggs in the living room and turned off all the light.

The eggs GLOWED bright in the pitch dark room.  I was surprised that my three year old caught onto the idea of finding the eggs.  He loved that part.  The big kids had fun too.  I think that it was dark was bit challenging for them which was perfect since they are older.

After we found the eggs I gave a bible lesson to them.  Basically what I did was this:

I took one egg as we sat in the dark and I told them about how Jesus is the light of this world.  Then we talked about how if you are saved Jesus is the Light in YOU!  I told them how important it was that they let their light shine so others will come to know Christ through them.

I took my single egg in my hand and covered it.  Then slowly opening one finger at a time I talked about reading your bible (one finger removed), praying daily (another finger), attending church (another) and sharing the gospel (open hand).  Then I shared that if you are doing what you are commanded your light will shine so others will see that light in you.

Next we took one egg and separated it on the floor and made a pile of the other 11 eggs.  I told them that one light is good but many lights is better and helps dispel the darkness even more.  This is why we need to surround ourselves with other believers/friends so we can work together.

I think this application worked well because my big kids at 11 & 13 will remember this lesson.  It was on a higher level for them.  Of course my 3 year old didn't get that but he is very young.  He will just remember finding eggs.

Egglo Review

My thoughts:

I really like the idea Egglo Eggs.  I like that you charge them and that they bring something exciting to having a egg hunt.  There are so many ways you could use these eggs to teach.  In fact I had a hard time narrowing it down for my little family.  I could have hidden non-glowing eggs among the Egglo Eggs and talked about how important the light of Jesus is in the world.  Really the sky is the limit with this one.

The curriculum/activity guide is wonderful.  There are coloring pages, snack ideas and invitations.  I especially loved the colored printable eggs because they would be great for decorating.  If you are not a person who likes to come up with your own ideas this is the perfect solution.

The eggs are very cool.  Some had crosses on them and some plain.  I think the price for 12 eggs is pretty good too!  My only problem was figuring out how to execute the glow.  Sunlight is recommended but if you are having the egg hunt at night then that is not practical.  I think the best way (which is what I did)  was to charge them in the sun the day off then give them the boost with inside light before the hunt.  So if they were easier to charge (meaning without as much planning) I would have liked that better.

One thing I did not like was the scripture scrolls.  I wish they had a real bible verse on them rather than a paraphrase and an address.  They are cute and pretty sturdy but I like having the real scripture.  I'd also prefer that it was KJV as well and would have picked that if there was an option.

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